Board of Directors and investor in digital infrastructure supporting cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


Chairman of the board and investor in one of the leading healthcare staffing companies and traded on NASDAQ


Board of Directors and investor in Diamond Communications, one of the largest private tower companies in the United States. Read more.


Board of Directors and investor in Faction Inc., a rapidly-growing provider of cloud computing services. Read more.


Board of Directors and investor, audit and compensation committee member of Silvergate Bank, a San Diego based bank. Read more.


Board of Directors of a leading nationwide distributor of propane, fuel oil and related products and traded on the NYSE. Read more.


The firm is seeking additional opportunities where the team has a strong cultural fit and has the ability to partner with executives and shareholders to provide strategic and complementary skills in addition to an investment stake.

We prefer to invest our own capital alongside our partners.

References are available from management teams we have worked with over a period spanning 30 years and in several cases, from executives who have partnered with us on multiple investments. Track records of investment performance generated for institutional investors are available upon request.