Charterhouse is one of the pioneers of leveraged buyouts in the United States, having been founded as a New York merchant bank in 1973. After over three decades of managing and investing private equity funds and generating positive returns from all of Charterhouse's managed institutional funds, including the firm's most recent fund Charterhouse Equity Partners IV which has realized a gross return exceeding two times invested capital, the two senior executives of Charterhouse Equity Partners formed Charterhouse Strategic Partners.

Our ability to invest our own personal capital along with our experience provides a unique partnership. This allows us a much longer term investment horizon and investment perspective, as well as making for greater flexibility in our investment criteria. We provide a solution for executives and shareholders that are looking for experienced partners to provide the skills and credentials necessary for those companies that may be one step away from bringing in institutional capital or transacting with a financial sponsor or strategic investor.

Investment Strategy

We look for businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Understandable and durable business model with a proven earnings track record

  • Strong market position with sustainable competitive advantages

  • Established, in-place management team

  • Opportunities to reinvest earnings or deploy additional capital into the business